All About Me

Hello there!

Well, hi there!

My names Emily and this is my new blog, how exciting.

I did used to have another blog on a different blogging site, but due to not a great deal of use on it that account, got deleted whoops! I will definitely try and keep a lot more up to date with this blog though, I promise!

Theres not a great deal to know about me really. I’m 21 years old, soon to be graduating from Canterbury Christ Church University where I’ve been studing English with Media and Cultural Studies. I love writing and my dream is to become a journalist or writer once uni is over with. As well as it being my chosen career path,  writing is a great hobby of mine and always helps me let my feelings out when something is on my mind, so be prepared for a lot of thought provoking posts on my blog!

As the title of my blog suggests I love cats and rubber ducks. People think I’m quite random in collecting them, but there aren’t many round who do collect them. I also love music, going to gigs, photography, reading, books, films, animals, musicals, history and going to new places.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about me really, I hope you enjoy reading my blog! 🙂



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