A Little Helping Hand.

Nowadays all we seem to see on the news is negative stories about murders, gang culture, the economy and many other topics that don’t bring much cheer to the spirit. It is hard to forget when seeing and reading about all of these tragic incidents taking place in the world that there are still some good people out there trying to make the world a better place.

I personally feel it is something to be proud of about Great Britain that as a nation we are so charitable and so willing to help those in need. With charity events such as Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Children In Need, Race For Life, etc taking place every year, or every other year with some events,  and all of them raising amazing amounts of money just shows how willing as a country we are to give help to those in the UK as well as places around the world that need a bit of help with their lives. It seems a shame though that all of this amazing work that organisations and members of the general public do in order to raise money for various charities isn’t highlighted enough in our news. Of course there are a number of major news stories that affect society that are reported on everyday and rightly so, we should all take an interest in what is going on in our country as well as in different places around the world. Maybe if we took a bit more time to look at the positive things that take place in the country, through things such as all of the charity work that is done by so many amazing people, things in life wouldn’t feel so bleak, and there would be a ray of light over all of the tragic and at times depressing nature of the news stories we see everyday.

It’s hard to remember that there are decent people trying to do good things for the UK and people around the world amongst all of the bad news we hear about on news programmes and from reading newspapers. Try to not forget all of the good that people are trying to do everyday though to improve the lives of those who are in desperate need of help. It shouldn’t just take huge events with the likes of Comic Relief and Children In Need to remember them.


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