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Books, Books and more Books!

Doing a part English degree, it comes with the territory that a lot of reading has to be done, and it’s fair to say that a great deal of my student loan that I have been receiving since September 2010 has gone on buying countless reading lists. My book collection has pretty much doubled since going to university, to the point where during my first week of being home for the Easter holidays I had to clear an entire shelf on the bookcase in the spare room of my house to dedicate all of the space that I had cleared to fill it up again with all of the books that had come home with me from Canterbury. The worrying thing is that this whole particular shelf was filled up with books from my English modules from the past three years to the point where there is no further room on it, yet I still have six books left at my home at university that still need to find a home. Sounds like it’s all going to be a bit tight for space when I move home for good!

Of course, having chosen to study English at university, combined with Media and Cultural Studies, I loved reading and books already. It would have been a very silly mistake to choose such a course if I hated reading, what a nightmare three years this would have been if that had been the case! Despite always having had such a love for books since being a small child, as much stress and pressure there has been on reading a certain number of novels by certain deadlines and analysing and revising them to the point where you know them inside out, cover to cover, I’ve loved being introduced and enjoying all of the new texts that have been taught to me for the past few years. I have found so many authors, novels and genres that I would never have found if it hadn’t been for taking the modules that I have, and the majority of the set texts that I have had to read I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Taking an English degree has opened so many doors in finding new books that I never would have discovered and come to love if it had not been for studying this subject. As I prepare to leave university, I not only will hopefully be taking with me a decent degree, new friends, and some wonderful memories, but also a whole new collection of books, and a real passion to get out there and discover even more books that I will become completely swept into. I’ve already spent some money on some books that I cannot wait to get stuck into once my final essays, my dissertatio and last two ever exams are over with, as well as the massive list I’m starting to compile of books I want to read for the first time or re-read once all of this is over.

I think it is pretty fair to say that I am in love with books, and why wouldn’t I be? A chance to go into another world and meet characters quite literally at times out of this world, and go to places that you would only be able to discover with the turning of a page. Books really are just marvellous.


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