Politics Isn’t Everything.

First off, I want to apologise for having not posted anything lately. I’ve been home from university for the past 3 weeks for Easter break, and having a pile of essays and my dissertation to be getting on with I haven’t had much time to get on here. So I am very sorry about that, and thank you all very much for baring with me and waiting for my next post, which is finally here. At last! Right, let’s get to the point then…

My latest article comes following the news of Baroness Margaret Thatcher dying at the age of 87 on Monday (8th April 2013). She was of course the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, and was in power in this post and as leader of the Conservative part for around 11 years. Her leadership over the country throughout the 1980s divided people greatly, and it still seems that today and especially now after her death, that she is still very much doing so.

I haven’t come to talk about her political past though, having not been alive during her time as Prime Minister I am not really entitled to an opinion of what she did during her time as leader. I have come to talk about how I find it utterly ridiculous that people are actually celebrating her recent death due to having different political leniancy to what it was that she believed. To me, that shows the low-life and disgusting nature of a number of people in this country. How can anyone celebrate someones death? Was Margaret Thatcher not a human being? It is preposterous in all honesty that people are rejoicing in the news of her having passed away just because she made certain decisions that did not make everyone happy during her time as PM.

Does that mean that everyone will celebrate when a former PM passes away? Of course they won’t. Thatcher divided opinion due to her matter of fact way of leadership, and for some reason her choosing to do what she wants to do and thought was right for the country now means that people no longer regard her as a person.

Just because someone thinks differently to you doesn’t mean that you should hate them. If we all hated someone that thought differently to us, not just for politicis but for other topics, then where would we be as a country, as a world? Politics isn’t everything, and it is by no means any reason to celebrate someone dying.


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