Time Flies When You’re Having Fun.

This is a thought that crosses my mind quite often in all honesty, but isn’t it just crazy how quickly time goes by? It dawned on me a few days ago that we are now half way through the fourth month of the year. I would really like to know where the past three and a half months of 2013 have gone?! It feels like just now it was Christmas and we were welcoming in the New Year, now it’s like the two events never happened and we are (hopefully) well on our way into summer. Before we know it though the summer will have come and gone, autumn will be rolling in, we will be changing the clocks back an hour once more, and all the cheer, joy and mass spending of Christmas will be back with us again.

Twelve months sounds like a hell of a long time, but really when you think about it, it isn’t a great deal of time. Things just seem to move so quickly in these days, and as I’ve grown up I have really realised that the media and different aspects of everyday life add fuel to the fire in how fast time seems to pass.

If you think about it, as soon as Christmas/New Years are over, shops start stocking Easter Eggs and all other chocolate treats associated with the holiday, despite the fact it isn’t until March/April time. Before this though we have Valentine’s Day adverts constantly subjected on us, advertisements that usually start around a month before the actual day, because of course it’s not like it happens every year and that we forget it exists. After both Valentine’s and Easter are over and done with, it’s time to start advertising the summer and all those big holiday deals different travel companies are offering for everyone to have the perfect getaway. These mouth watering images of sandy shores and crystal blue seas normally begin in January, but they really do take full force onto our television screens come April/May as the clocks go forward and our hours of sunshine extend themselves (not that it seems that way lately with this miserable English weather we have been having lately).  As the summer evenings come and go and we edge into mid-late September, the spooks of Halloween make themselves known to the public. Even though it is of course not until the very last day of October, shops and companies decide to thrust it down our throats a month and a bit beforehand, just to make sure that we don’t miss out on the costumes and sweets for Trick or Treating ventures. It doesn’t even take companies the time for Halloween to be over before advertising the fact that Christmas is on it’s way, though. In more recent years, and I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed this, certain shops seem to put up festive decorations and their Christmas shops before we have even turned our calendars over to October. It’s pretty fair to say that the Season of Goodwill takes up the last three months of the year, and once that and New Year’s Eve is over, it’s back to square one, and we are subjected to this endless routine of advertisements of major holiday seasons and events once more.

We obviously all know that time goes by as fast or as slowly at it’s own accord, no one has the power to stop, pause, rewind or fast forward time, and no human being ever will most likely. It does sometimes feel though like advertising companies andd businesses in general almost wish the time away, to hurry it past just so as to make more money from people being willing to spend money on the essentials that they make the general public feel they need to have to entertain their family and friends on such occassions. From audiences seeing these adverts come and go by so quickly, it almost gives the illusion to us that time is actually going faster than it really is. 

Time goes by quickly enough without these companies making it pass by even faster bringing along adverts that show us things we need for events that are still months away, and I’m sure that businesses that do this would make the clocks tick even faster than they already do if they had control of time! 


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