Here Comes the Sun, and the Tans.

Finally the winter weather seems to have passed us by, and the sun has peeked it’s head out from behind the grey clouds and beamed down on the country for the past few days and basked the general public in pure sunshine.  It’s been lovely, it’s almost as if as soon as the sun comes out the world seems like a brighter place. Everything seems so much more relaxed, everyone seems happier, and the world just seems like a better place. With the coming of the sunshine though comes round the  yearly desperate want by so many people to get that all important summer tan.

I will admit, I like getting a bit of a tan. I don’t use fake tan, and never will as I personally don’t want to look like a real life oopma loompa, I have only ever had one spray tan, and that was only last August for my Dad’s wedding, but I would never make it a regular thing, and when I go away on holidays to hot countries (though to be fair I have only ever been on a holiday to a hot country once, and that was to Tenerife for a week two years ago this summer) I did like getting a bit of a colour to my skin, though nothing too excessive what with being blonde haired and blue eyed and having ridiculously pale skin, meaning a great number of suncream intervals were taken throughout days on the beach enjoying the sunshine. In recent years though, tanning has become a must have to a persons look. It used to be one that would come and go with the summer months. You would go on a holiday to a hot country, you would get some colour from the sun, come home and a few months later it will have faded. It still is the case for a number of people still today, but with the likes of spray tans and fake tan becoming readily available not just from beauty salons but also from your local cosmetics store or supermarket, making a year long obsession out of having the perfect tan.

Although why I personally do not feel it is necessary to constantly use fake tan or use spray tans to look like I’ve been away and got a bit of colour to skin, but if people like having that kind of colour to their skin then I respect their opinion. These particular methods are better ways of getting a tan than the constant use of sunbeds and lying for hours on end in the blazing heat with no suncream just to get their idea of a perfect skin colouring, ways which are stupid and seriously increase your risk of getting skin cancer at a later stage in life. Although it is nice to have a bit of colour every now and again for a special occassion from a spray tan, or a natural tan from going away on holiday use the precautions of a high enough factor suncream to make sure you are safely getting a tan, I don’t see why it has become such a great necessity to get a tan, and all year round. The increased want for people all over the country to retain a colour has led to ever increasing uses of sunbeds up and down the UK, the most dangerous way to get in the process of getting a tan as the using of sunbeds can majorly increase your chance of developing skin cancer, as well as severely aging the delicate skin. There are safer ways of going round it, ways that won’t damage your skin for life or put you at risk of being struck down by a terrible and life changing disease one day.

While I personally feel that natural is better and you should embrace what you have and appreciate your skin for what it is rather than constantly wanting to change it and make it look more tanned than it actually is through various measures, at least if you do want to get some colour this summer, either slap on a bit of fake tan that can, as has already been mentioned, be brought from any cosmetics shop on your local high street, or if you are going to head out into the sun that is currently beating down on us, make sure to slap on plenty of suncream and top it up reguarly so as not to burn, especially if you have pale skin.

Remember though, you don’t have to tan if you don’t want to. You don’t have to follow the crowd. If you’re pale and you like it, embrace it. It is how you were born at the end of the day, and you should try your best to be happy with what you’ve got.


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