Sex and the City: Fiction, Not Fact.

First off, I am a huge fan of the television programme Sex and the City, as well as both of the films that followed. In fact, for the past couple of weeks since returning to university for my final term before graduating, I have been watching my boxset of the programme pretty much everyday while finishing off final essays and revising for my last ever exams. It has dawned on me on a regular basis though while re-watching the series that, despite my love for the programme, it really is so unrealistic.

Of course I here a number of you cry, it is just a television programme. It’s fictional, the characters are not real people, the situations they find themselves have not actually happened (or maybe some of them have, who knows?!) and all in all, every episode is not based on actual real life events. The everyday events though that the four main characters, Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes, find themselves in though are on the whole completely unrealistic. Although I myself am only 21 years old, I find it hard to believe that four women in the thirties and fourties have had that many sexual partners. I don’t think I know any adults of that age or older who have had that many relationships or currently are having that many. The fact that in basically every single episode of the programmes six series run they are seen with different men and more often that not sleeping with said male partner for that episode gives the impression that all women who are single and in their thirties are going round sleeping with a different man every night, something that I find hard to imagine actually happens and I can’t imagine anyone I know, of the same age as me and older than me who would choose to do this.

Their lifestyles in general though seem completely not possible in a real life situation. They all have high flying careers; Samantha works in PR, Miranda is a lawyer, Charlotte works in a New York art gallery, and Carrie obviously writes a column for a newspaper. They often talk about working to tight deadlines, having major events to hold, big pressures going on with work with winning cases, yet, when do we actually see them hard at work?? They seem to be drinking in bars, going shopping and spending ridiculous amounts of money on shoes and clothes (money they sometimes claim to not have, yet can afford to pay hundreds of dollars on the latest designer shoes, claim they can’t afford it, yet have no problem in paying for being able to go out constantly and pay their rent), sometimes going away to some expensive part of the world, and meeting men. They in a way seem to have a perfect and idyllic lifestyle; beautiful clothes, amazing apartments, great social life, brilliant jobs, exotic holidays, who wouldn’t want a life like that?? It is though just not realistic for real life, and while it may seem like a dream come true, it is not feasible to go out all the time, go away to various locations on a regular basis, buy such expensive items of clothing, etc. and not have repercussions from this expensive lifestyle.

I think it’s fair to say from this post that I have quite a few criticisms on the programme, yet, I can’t get enough of it and would definitely class it as one of my favourite television programmes.


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