Say No To Racism, Of All Kinds.

I am sure a number of you who also write on this blog have heard of the tragic news of British Drummer Lee Rigby being murdered in a suspected terrorist attack in Woolwich in South East London two days ago (22nd May 2013). Living not just in the UK but also not too far away from where the incident took place, the news has come as a complete and utter shock. I, as I am sure no one else, can imagine what the family of the soldier are  going through, and my heart and thoughts completely go out to them in their time of grief.

In light of these events, a number of racist and prejudice comments have appeared on social network sites, due to the fact that the two men who murdered the young soldier were of the Muslim religion. The fact that so many people have decided to use this tragic event as an ‘excuse’ to reap racial hatred left, right and centre is absolutely disgusting. It does not help the situation, and it certainly is not acceptable. In our society today of living in a multi cultural country, you would have thought that we would all have learnt to accept one another, putting ethnicity, race, religion and culture aside, and focussing on the fact that we are all people. Just because some people have different coloured skin, or are from a different culture, or believe in a different religion to one another does not mean that we are any different to each other. We are all living, breathing people, made of flesh and blood, and are all living on this one planet. I never have and never will be able to understand those who are racially discriminating against people of a different race to their own, even more so that those who are prejudice are seeing this horrific murder of an innocent soldier as the reason for discriminating against the entire Muslim religion, just because of the acts of two extremist. The stupidity of those who are assuming this ridiculous fact is completely beyond me. The same goes with any other incident, whoever it is that commits the crime, from whatever race or religion they come from it does not mean that the idiocy of some people can accuse an entire group of people and demonstrate hatred against them for the mindless acts of a small minority group. Judge people individually, and certainly do not judge the majority by the minority.

The main point of what has occurred though is the heartbreaking news of an innocent young man having been brutally killed, just for the fact that he chose to fight for his country. The priority in this situation should be letting the family grieve and remembering the life that was lost in such a despicable manner. Don’t bring racism into it, remember that people have lost a son, a brother, a grandson, a husband, and a father. May he rest in peace.


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