A Programme of Infuriating Characters, aka the Gilmore Girls.

The programme Gilmore Girls is not a very well known one. Many people you ask would say that they have never heard of it, let alone watched it. For those of you that may have never seen it, or heard, of the American comedy/drama, I will give you a quick introduction to one of my favourite television programmes that I love, but at the same time also infuriates me to no end. The programme is set in the fictional town of Stars Hollow in the state of Connecticut. Stars Hollow is the home of 32 year old Lorelai Gilmore and her 16 year old daughter, Rory. The show went on for seven series and was aired between 2000 and 2007, with the shows main focus being on the relationship between the mother and daughter combo, and the trials and tribulations they go through with their friends, families and numerous relationships. As I have already said, Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favourite television programmes, and has been ever since the summer of 2008, when I discovered it being aired on E4 just after having finished my GCSE exams. You are probably quite confused as to why I’m writing about how I find the characters of the programme so annoying. The fact is though that while I do love the Gilmore Girls and once I get into watching my box set I get just a tiny bit obsessed, but there are times throughout the seven series where I find most of the main characters personalities some of the most infuriating characters that I have ever come across in a television programme. I don’t know what it is and I may be the only Gilmore Girls fan who thinks this about the characters that are portrayed, but the more I watched the drama over the past five years, the more I notice just how annoying I find them.

The protagonists of Lorelai and Rory may be the programmes main focus and what most of the story lines revolve around, they both have numerous annoying traits. Lorelai’s character is a bubbly and happy go lucky type, but there are a number of times where she comes across as a overbearing mother who expects too much of her daughter, as well as thinking that her opinions on matters of music and films are correct when others have different views to her. One of her most annoying attributes has to be that she spends so much of the seven series trying to break away from the overbearing and almost possessive nature of her own mother, yet, while trying to do so, she is only doing the exact same to her own daughter. The hypocrisy of it all really bugs me. Moving on to Rory, she goes from innocent school girl at prestigious private school Chilton, to a bratty know it all studying at Ivy League Yale University. People in Stars Hollow treat her like she is some sort of princess, particularly her mother and grandparents, and as the seasons go on, the fact that she is regarded as such a golden child who can do no wrong clearly starts to go to her head, and believes she can get away with anything and everything. Her believing she is invincible doesn’t really ring true however when you look at her history; dropping out of Yale for a year, being put on community service after being involved in stealing a boat, and having an affair with her married ex-boyfriend don’t exactly clear her name as an angelic princess. Rory’s character is also a massive know it as I previously mentioned, and she tries to overachieve to excess at everything she does, and when she doesn’t do perfectly, she throws her toys out of the pram like a two year old.

As for the already mentioned grandparents, Richard and Emily Gilmore, Lorelai’s parents, from the pilot episode of the programme they were portrayed to the audience as being possessive, controlling to the extreme, self centred and very much stuck in a time that no longer exists. The character of Luke Danes, owner of Luke’s Diner and the meant to be man for Lorelai, his character is another presentation of an infuriating character. He pines and pines for Lorelai to notice him, yet does nothing to ever show her that he has feelings for her. It is fair to say that he is almost possessive over her, becoming neurotically jealous over any man that comes into her life, even if it is for just a short while. In particular, his jealousy over Christopher Hayden, Rory’s father, is the most obviously annoying. His jealousy goes to the extent where he becomes possessive over Rory, even questioning Lorelai over why Christopher should have a place in Rory’s life. Rory’s own father. A girl Luke has nothing to do with. And he thinks he can have a say in her life. It’s just ridiculous.

These characters and some of their personality traits are completely absurd. Writing about this has actually made me wonder why I like the Gilmore Girls so much. But despite all of this, it makes for entertaining viewing, and I still can’t help but love watching it.


2 thoughts on “A Programme of Infuriating Characters, aka the Gilmore Girls.

  1. I completely agree with you. I love Gilmore Girls, it makes for a great program to watch and rewatch. However I absolutely abhor Lorelai Gilmore. Her kooky, “quirky” nature is selfish and self absorbed, and she feels the need to be sarcastic and mocking when other people don’t share her views and opinions. She is self centred and judgemental, and never learns from any of her mistakes. She claims to be a good friend to Sookie but isn’t, because her problems are the most important and she tends to push Sookie’s to the side. Like on Sookie’s wedding, Lorelai felt the need to mention that SHE had known Sookie and Jackson for the entire duration of their courtship, despite the fact that the day was about Sookie and Jackson and not Lorelai’s presence in their relationship. The actress who plays her does a great job of making her face seem irritating. EVERYBODY keeps saying how Lorelai is the best mother out there, I don’t think so! I think she interferes too much in her daughter’s life and feels the need to know about everything that is going on, she is, like you said, extremely overbearing. That said, I still love Gilmore Girls xD

    1. I honestly couldn’t agree with you more! The more I watch Gilmore Girls though, the more I wonder if this was the point in the creation of her character. She spends so much time trying so desperately to not be anything like her own mother, yet she acts similarly to her in a number of ways. I feel she does look down on others for not sharing the same opinion as her like you said, the same way as Emily Gilmore looks down on others who aren’t to her social standing. The combination of the two is probably why Rory goes slightly off the rails in later series. But like you say, despite all this, I can’t help but enjoy it still! It’s very much a love/hate relationship with the characters at time.

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