Make a Difference.

A few months ago, I decided to stop using products that had been tested on animals. I have always been completely against the testing of products on animals, but after seeing some really disturbing and upsetting images of what animals are put through in these facilities where they are subjected to the most terrible of treatment, I decided that enough was enough, and that I would no longer buy products from companies that put animals through this torture. At first, I thought it would be difficult to find products that did not test on animals, and could see myself spending hours upon hours in shops looking for all of my everyday needs to find one that would have the BUAV Approved symbol on the back of the bottle. Thankfully though, it wasn’t nearly as half as difficult as I originally thought, and soon I had found replacement products that are cruelty free rather than just buying the first thing I picked up that I liked the look of. Nothing that is in my possession has been tested on animals. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser, make up wipes, deodrant, the lot, it’s now all completely cruelty free. Of course one of the massive and main benefits for me in using products that haven’t been tested on animals before being put on the shelves of our shops, was that I was no longer putting money into these inhumane companies that think it’s okay to put innocent animals through such disgusting treatment, but in the months of using these products, I have also found that it saves a lot of money. Seriously, if any of you out there who are reading this are thinking of banishing cruelty products out of your life, not only will you be saving the animals, but you will also be saving some pennies, which in the current state our economy is in, is a big positive.

When I told those closest to me that I was deciding to use particular products that didn’t test on animals, the majority of them, if not all of them, were in complete support of my choice to do so, and they understood why I was doing this. It’s funny though, because with some peoples reactions to doing something like this, they almost give the impression that although they are supporting you, they are thinking in the back of their minds that they wouldn’t choose to do the same, purely because they have the attitude of what they don’t see and what happens behind closed doors, doesn’t need to concern them. I personally feel this is completely the wrong attitude to take, and I have found that, although it shouldn’t as of course everyone is entitled to their opinion on certain matters, but in the past year or so it has come to annoy me that people just think that if something isn’t personally happening to them, or if they aren’t seeing the terrible things that are happening right in front of their own eyes, then they choose to ignore it, and do nothing to try and help make the situation stop. I cannot understand people who choose to walk on by and ignore all of the horrible things in the world. I have a note for those people: ignoring it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Walking past something that is terrible and acting like you didn’t see it, doesn’t make it go away. If everyone chose to ignore the terrible things that went on in the world, that happened to people and animals across the globe on a daily basis, then the everything and everywhere would be in complete disarray. Charities such as Comic Relief, Save the Children and the NSPCC wouldn’t be around, working continually everyday to try and help and improve the lives of children who are abused, bullied, neglected, povertry stricken and starving. The likes of WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), the RSPCA and the WSPA wouldn’t exist to give those thousands of animals in countries around the world a voice, working to stop cruelty to animals, the unnecessary hunting and poaching of animals, finding alternative methods to make sure product animal testing no longer exists, and most of all working to help preserve the beautiful creatures that we share this planet with, so that future generations will know what they are and will enjoy them, to make sure they are never wiped out of existence. Major charities helping raise money to help dedicated doctor’s who are working tirelessly to find cures for some of the most horrific diseases wouldn’t be around, and they wouldn’t be coming ever closer to finding cures for diseases such as cancer, as well as all of the hundreds of other life threatening diseases that have been illiminated in previous decades. If all of those who started, work for and support these causes, where would we be as a world? Nowhere, is the answer to that one.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference to the world we live in, and if we all did our bit, even if it was just the tiniest of thing, like sponsoring an endangered animal living in the wild for example, then the whole world would be a better place. Cures for diseases, the achievement of protecting an endangered animal from extinction, the power to stop major companies to stop testing their products on animals would never have been possible if it wasn’t for someone, somewhere taking a stand, and saying no. Like I already said, the tiniest of things can make a difference, if we all decide to take notice and do something, rather than walking by.

Individually, everyone can do something. Together, we can make a difference.


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