Diary of an Unemployed Graduate

Diary of an Unemployed Graduate – Day 48.

I am sure that the majority of you will know the old saying “things happen in threes”. I have never really believed this, nor have I believed the theory that when you spend a long time waiting for something to happen, say for instance, a bus coming, and after all the waiting, one eventually comes along, at the same time as two others. I have never really had reason to believe that things happen in this way, that is until now.

This time last week, I was still feeling down in the dumps about being unemployed. While I saw my friends and others I used to go to school, sixth form or university with posting status updates on Facebook and Twitter about getting an interview or the job they really wanted, I was still stuck in an uncertain place, not knowing if or when any employers would be getting back to me, finally giving me the chance to prove that I have what it takes to get into the career I have been working toward since I was in year 10 or 11 at secondary school. The only emails I was getting from perspective employers was rejections, if anything at all, and I had no idea when this run of endless disappointment would end. That is, until last Thursday, when things started to change.

Wednesday afternoon was spent applying for jobs and internships as so many of my afternoons have been spent since finishing uni back in May. I applied for them with the same thought in the back of my mind: I would most likely not hear back from the majority of them, something which I have most certainly gotten used to in the last few months. The next morning I was going about my business when I got an email notification. I went to check my inbox, expecting simply another rejection, or just the usual spam email that floods my account on a daily basis. Amongst what did turn out to be a significant amount of spam and adverts, I had an email from a company that I had emailed only the afternoon before. They were an online magazine who had advertised an internship that I was really interested in and had quickly applied for. It was an unpaid internship, but it provided some pay in order to cover travel costs, so to me that was better than just not being paid full stop. Opening the email expecting to be told that my application had been an unsuccessful one, I was met with the company emailing me to invite me to come into their offices for an interview the following Friday (8th November). At last, someone had finally thought that I was what they were looking for. I had proven myself through my CV and Cover Letter, now I just needed to prove it to them in person. Needless to say I was over the moon, and although I am feeling pretty nervous about the approaching interview, I feel excited as well that something is finally happening.

The following morning, I had a meeting with one of the advisors as the job centre. Now the week before, during a meeting with another of the advisors, I had been put forward for a work experience at the BBC, that had been created between the BBC and the job centre in order to help certain people gain further experience to help them look more appealing for employers looking to recruit them. If I had been successful, I would have been contacted last Monday (28th October), but unfortunately I hadn’t heard anything, and I was told at the end of my meeting with said advisor that it looked like I had not been successful in this instance. I was disappointed, to say the least, but I remained positive knowing that I had an interview coming up, and that was good enough for me. A few hours later, I was sat at home and checking my emails, when I got an email from another company that I had applied to a few weeks before. The position I had applied for was a content writer/copywriter, and when applying for it I remembered loving everything about it, of course never thinking for a second that I would have the chance to work for this company that I felt desperate to do so. Luck was obviously on my side, as the company stated in their email that they had been really impressed with my application, and wanted me to complete a test for them to send back to them by 5th November (as in tomorrow, now). If I am successful with this test, they will be contact with me again by the 15th November to ask me in for a face to face interview. As if both of these weren’t good enough, a few hours after receiving this email, I got another from the BBC. Now as I have already said, I had heard in the morning from my advisor while at the job centre that I most likely hadn’t got the work experience opportunity that they had put me forward to. So when I got an email from them, I just assumed it would be an email confirming that I hadn’t been successful. How wrong could I have been though. Opening the email, I found that instead of a rejection, it was a confirmation email, telling me that I had been accepted as one of the 100 people to go to their development workshop, that would then possibly lead on to the two week work placement with them. After all of this time, all of the waiting, the rejections, the sleepless nights of wondering when it would be my turn to have a chance to shine, and now suddenly three amazing opportunities have come along at once. Suddenly everything is looking up.

Of course the BBC experience isn’t a full time job, and I have to actually get pass the test that I have to complete by tomorrow for one position, and obviously I have to get through the interview for another company on Friday. But at least things are finally starting to happen, and even if the two job offers I have been given don’t turn out to be successful, its a start. A much needed start at that.


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