Diary of an Unemployed Graduate

Diary of an Unemployed Graduate – Day 159

A couple of weeks ago, shortly after writing my last post on here where I ranted on about disappointments for a number of paragraphs, I started to receive an almost influx of responses from jobs that I had applied for, and amazingly none of them were rejections. They were from companies saying they either wanted me to write a test piece for them, another wanted a telephone interview with me, and a couple of others wanted me to answer a few questions, which could then possibly lead on to interviews. After quite a dry spell with hearing back from jobs, with the only news I was receiving being your standard rejection email, it was a great feeling to finally be hearing back from jobs that didn’t involve the word ‘unfortunately’. It seemed to be a turn up for the books, that’s for sure, but as always I didn’t hold my breath, I didn’t want to set my hopes too high.

Life has a funny way of working out though, doesn’t it? Just when you think that perhaps things are finally starting to look up, BAM! You’re back to square one, and everything that you thought had been starting to work out becomes a distant memory, moving from a hopeful place in your mind, to where all of the other dashed hopes have previously gone. As you can probably guess by that, once again none of these opportunities have come to life. The telephone interview took place a week ago (Monday 10th February) for an online copywriter role, and despite being told by the person I spoke to on the phone I would be contacted a few days later, whether it was good or bad news, I never heard from them again. With another two companies that had contacted me, both of which had required me to answer specific questions to determine whether I would be a suitable candidate or not, one for a social media role and the other writing for an animal website. I replied to both as soon as I received their emails, answering their questions as well as I possibly could, and despite receiving positive responses to my answers after having sent them back to said companies, no interviews came about from either of them. Another job that I also heard back from, a writer for an online cultural magazine, the one which really struck a cord with me as much as all of the other roles interested me. By this company, I was asked to write a test piece. I had it researched, written, edited and sent off to them by the deadline, and even though having had a conversation via email about how interested the company were to have me work for them, with the promise of a possible interview even being mentioned in said conversation, nothing has come of it.

After all of the positive things that made their way through my email inbox over the past couple of weeks, everything seems to have gone quiet once more. I have emailed all of the companies that contacted me, querying about what the next step is to be, as if there is one thing that I have learnt from my time of job seeking, is that you can’t let opportunities pass you by, you have to dig your nails in and try your very best to get somewhere. As of yet, I haven’t had responses from any of them. Some have been over a week since I heard anything, and I have pretty much given up hope with them, but others have only passed by a few days ago, so there still could be a light at the end of the tunnel. Like I wrote at the beginning of the post, I am not holding my breath. It would be great, amazing even, if something came from any of them, but as always, time will only tell.


7 thoughts on “Diary of an Unemployed Graduate – Day 159

  1. I know exactly what you’re going through, it’s tough right now. I don’t have an actual degree but I did go to school to be certified as a dental assistant for the time being. So I applied for front office and assistant positions over a span of 2 years. 551 applications on ONE site alone, not including the hundreds maybe even thousands (literally) that I’ve applied to on other sites. All you can do is keep trying, someone will eventually give you the opportunity!

    1. It sure is a tough old world out there right now where employment is concerned, but like you say all you can do is keep going, keep trying and eventually someone will give you a chance. Thank you so much for reading and for commenting!

  2. Hi, I have been looking at blogs about unemployed grads as I myself am graduating soon and am worried that I am going to struggle getting a job, especially as my grades have not been as good this year. I study English at the moment and from your blog I can see it has been a struggle to get work in the field. Would you suggest maybe applying for retail jobs or is this something you have also tried? I am getting so stressed at the moment what with trying to write my dissertation as well as start looking for jobs.

    1. I understand exactly what you are going through, having been in the exact position this time last year. The third year of uni is extremely stressful enough with the work load, but the added stress of finding work is sometimes too much to be dealing with. I know it’s easier said than done but I wouldn’t try to worry too much. Probably a little bit hypocritical as I was constantly on edge for the last few months of uni. Try and look for work when you can, don’t spend all your waking moments worrying about applying for different positions, only do so when you have spare time, as obviously your work comes first, particularly in your last few months in education. You will find something eventually, whether it’s before you leave uni or months after, but you will get there. If it takes longer than you thought it would, just be assured that you are not alone, graduates across the country are in exactly the same position as you, but everyone will get their time eventually, you just have to keep putting yourself out there to potential employers and something will come along. I would definitely be vast and varied in your job hunt. Apply for positions in the field you are interested in, others you have some interest in, and even ones that don’t interest you as much, but you think you could do well in, even as a starting point.
      I hope that this is of some help to you, if you have anymore questions then please feel free to message me again. Good luck with everything, and thank you for reading! 🙂

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