Reflection on the Past Year

The next week or so marks my one year anniversary of being at my job. The job that I waited almost 12 months for after graduating from university in May 2013. That year between becoming unemployed upon receiving my degree and being thrown into the deep end of employment went by relatively slow, which I guess is expected when you have nothing to do with your day’s other than write as a freelance writer, for free, with little to no money in my bank account. Compared to that year, May/June 2014 till the present day has gone ridiculously quickly. Within a blink of an eye I’ve gone from being the newbie at the company I work for, to suddenly being one of the veterans. 

I find it crazy to think how fast this year has gone. So much has changed and in a relatively short space of time. Not just with work but in every part of my life. Everyone goes through transition stages in their lives, but sometimes life is moving too fast that we don’t have time to realise the changes are happening. Everyone is guilty of this, including me. This year though, this year has been different. I have seen and felt the change in myself. 

Never before in my life have I witnessed such a transformation in my own personality. I always see the changes in the people around me and I am always quick to notice when changes in my friends and family take place, but with me this has never happened. The fact I have seen such a change in myself has in a way completely taken me by surprise. I am more confident, more sure of myself, both as a person and as a writer. I feel like I’ve grown closer to my family, particularly my step family who I felt I never got the chance to truly connect with when I was living away at university. Circumstance has made it that I’ve become even closer to my beloved friends. I didn’t think it was possible to be closer to them, but it’s happened and I couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that has happened.

One of the biggest changes that I’ve previously mentioned on here is that I ended my almost three year relationship with my ex boyfriend in July last year. It was me that chose to end it, and I did it for my own happiness and in a way my own sanity. Being in a relationship that was for the first two years the happiest time of my life, to in the past six months or so being one of the most stressful times of my life, to suddenly being alone after almost three years is a big change. A massive change in fact. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and it wasn’t an easy thing to go through as anyone who has gone through a break up will know. It was for the best though, for both me and my ex boyfriend. As much as the memories will always mean to me, it wasn’t meant to be in the long run, and I’m a better and happier person for making that decision and going through that.

I know that a lot of these changes would have taken place whether or not I got this job, but I see my job as the starting point of a complete turn around in who I am as a person. No doubt my life will be completely different this time next year, just as my life now is in complete contrast to my life a year ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next chapter in my life holds for me, and what person late 2015/early 2016 me will be. This past year has been a pretty good new chapter in my life, so here’s hoping the next chapter is just as good, and has just as many transformations. 


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