Time Runs Away From You When You’re Not Looking

Goodness. It’s been two months since I blogged. I honestly didn’t realise it had been that long, until I came to notice we’ve already reached the mid point of July. Time has well and truly run away from me.

It’s scary to think how quickly this year is going. It feels like only just yesterday we were seeing in the New Year, and 2016 was full of promise and exciting adventures to come. Now suddenly, it’s over the half way point, and a number of the events scheduled to take place during the first half of the year are no longer plans, but happy memories. 

I will admit, I feel that time has got away from me as for the first few weeks of May I was struggling with a crippling amount of anxiety, which I mentioned in my last blog post on 10th May. I was very much stuck in my own head, and found it extremely difficult to get out. Thankfully, I’ve managed to overcome that bout, and although I still have moments where I feel very anxious, or where I’m worrying about absolutely nothing, I’m sort of in control of it. I’m basically trying to not let it rule my life, which for the few weeks I mentioned, it felt like it was.

This is probably why I felt so disconnected from time, as I was so stuck in my own thoughts that I was completely unaware of the time passing me, and why I had very little inspiration to write. I’m going to change this though. See it as a half way through the year resolution as it were. I’m going to continue not letting my thoughts get the better of me, I’m going to continue living my life to the full, and I’m going to write more, both on this blog and in other places. This is the most inspired I’ve felt to write for weeks, and ideas for blog posts are currently running through my mind as I type these words. I may even write another blog post tonight. What a comeback that would be to post two things in one night! 


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