All About Me

My Happy Place

Everyone has their happy place. No matter where it is, it’s the one place where you feel more relaxed and at peace than anywhere else in the world. For me, my happy place is Brighton.

A large factor in Brighton being my happy place is that it’s, obviously, a seaside town. But saying that, the feeling I have whilst there is not the same I have when I visit other seaside resorts. Even as much as I love other places in the UK, and around the world for that matter, there’s a feeling I have in Brighton that I’m yet to experience anywhere else that I’ve visited. It’s difficult to explain. Whenever I’m there, I just feel…complete. If there’s anything I’ve been worried about during the week, whether its work related or just general worrying that I create in my own head, it all seems to melt away when I visit Brighton. I just feel so at ease, even more at ease than I do when I return home after a busy day at work. Nothing can rain on my parade when I’m there. Even if I’m having a bad day, or feeling a bit low, or something does happen that’s emotionally or physically draining, nothing feels quite as bad when I’m in Brighton.
If you hadn’t noticed from previous blog posts I’ve written about my anxiety and paranoia that I suffer with on quite a regular basis, I do let things get on top of me. I let the littlest things that people have said play on my mind, and I allow myself to over think and worry to the point where I create things that never even existed. As much as I love living on the outskirts of London, and how close I am to the city for work and pleasure, if I’m having a particularly anxious moment, London is not the best place for me to be.
Where there are so many people and just a constant sense of everyone around me being in a rush, my anxiety seems to be heightened. Sometimes it gets to the point where, at times, I can’t control the thoughts running through my head when I’m in the city. The continuous train of thoughts that rush through my mind at lightning speeds can’t seem to cope very well with city life, but seem very at peace when there’s a beach and the sea lying in front of them.
It’s not just the calmness of being by the sea that makes it a special place for me, but also the number of happy memories I’ve had there. I feel like my life has improved significantly since I went to Brighton to meet my boyfriend (although he wasn’t my boyfriend at the time). Everything in my life seems a lot more stable, and everything has gradually come together to make a well rounded, happy, contented life. I’ve had so many happy times with my boyfriend in the past 14 months that I’ve been going to visit him there every other weekend or so. We’ve created so many memories that are very precious to me and that I will always treasure. Obviously, we’ve made a lot of special memories and have had amazing times in a number of other places we’ve visited together, but for me, there’s just something about the times we’ve had in Brighton that stand out amongst all the other times we’ve had together.
That’s another thing that I can’t wait for, the fact that I will get to be with my boyfriend every day, and that we can continue to have some amazing times in one of my favourite places in the world. I know there will be ups and downs still with my anxiety; I’m in no way thinking that when I move to Brighton permanently I won’t be plagued with an anxious thought or worry ever again, but I can’t wait to be living in a place that makes me feel so relaxed and fills my heart with a lot of love and happiness. 


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