Homeware Haul

As the months continue to roll by (seriously, how are we in September already??), the time comes ever close to when I will *hopefully* be moving out into my first home. In the past few months, I’ve become slightly obsessed with homeware and looking in every homeware shop I come across. If there’s a home section in a shop, like H&M, Asda or New Look for instance, then chances are you will find me there rather than lost amongst the clothes. 

A new relaxing routine I’ve got myself into, and that I use to unwind after a long day at work, is that I endlessly scroll through homeware websites to look for inspiration of how I would like to decorate and accessorise various rooms in my future home, and, more importantly, I look for little bits and pieces that I would love to decorate my home with. I’ve even gone as far as to make a Word document which has a list of everything I’ve found that I would love to buy, along with the price, the shop they’re from, and the website link, just to make my life a bit easier when I want to check if they still have the items in stock in the coming months…

Whilst I’ve been doing a lot of planning, I have started to buy a few things along the way, all of which are currently sitting in various carrier bags tucked away under my desk. My dad has started to make the joke that if I buy any more things, he’s going to come home one day to find my bedroom has fallen through into the hall below.

Here’s some of the things that I’ve got so far:
Fox and badger candle holders,  Asda

These are my most recent purchases and I have to say, I’m a little bit in love with them. As soon as I clapped eyes on them I had to buy them, and at £4 each I couldn’t resist. With it now being September and the first day of autumn fast approaching, I thought these would be the perfect edition for an autumn/winter themed home. Although I’m still living at home and in my little bedroom, I will probably have these out for the next few months, as they’re far too cute not to enjoy this year, and I can’t wait to give them a home in my future living room, or hall or bedroom when it comes to me moving out.

Photo of the badger candle holder to come later this week!

Cloud shaped chalkboard, New Look

I saw this cute little blackboard and chalk set last week when I was perusing New Look for potential birthday presents for my step mum. I’d already seen it online, and admittedly it was already on my ‘dream house wish list’, but again, as soon as I saw it in real life I just had to buy it. It’s such an adorable little set, and weirdly I do have a bit of an obsession with blackboards and chalk sets, which I think stems from when I had a chalkboard as a child. As you can probably tell, it’s in the shape of a cloud, is decorated with pretty silver glitter round the sides of the board, and comes with eight chalks in pastel blue, pink, green and yellow colours. I’m unsure whether or not to take it out of its wrapper and use it now, or wait to use it when I move out. When it comes to moving out though, I would imagine it would probably be used in the kitchen, or perhaps the hallway as a way to leave little messages or reminders for my boyfriend, so I’m sure I will get a lot of use from it!

Glass bottles in large and medium sized, IKEA

Similar to my random obsession with blackboards and colourful chalk, I’ve grown to love glass bottles and jars that can be used to store various food or drink items. Myself and my boyfriend took a trip to IKEA a few weeks ago (our second in the past few months; I think we may have a problem) and I found these bottles whilst looking round. Now I know with IKEA a lot of the stuff they sell they keep in stock for quite a few years, so I knew that if I was to go back at the beginning of next year they would more than likely still be available, but me being me, I got slightly overexcited and bought four there and then. I thought they would be perfect for putting drinks in when we have family or friends round. In the summer, I’m thinking of using it for homemade cocktails and Pimms, the perfect drink accompaniments for a barbeque or summer party. For the winter months and Christmas, they could be used for winter cocktails or even mulled wine. They’re perfect for any time of the year, and they could also obviously be used to keep juices and squashes in throughout the year, so again I’m sure they will get a lot of use, as well as the other bottles I’m already planning to go back and buy when the time to move out comes rolling round.

Candle set, IKEA

During the same trip to IKEA, I also found these gorgeous little candles. I fell in love with them instantly, due to the colour and the pattern which I thought was beautiful, and would go nicely in any room of the house. I do have them out on show in my room at the moment, as my bedroom is painted purple so they match perfectly, and I think they will probably go in my new bedroom at my future home as I would like to have a purple and cream theme in my room when I move out. I’m a bit weird with candles, where I love buying them, the look of them, and the smell of them, but I never actually light them, so these will no doubt be a permanent fixture in my bedroom for many years to come. 

Glass bottle set, Tiger

Back to the glass theme again, and this time with these cute drinking glasses that come with the plastic drinking straws that can be used time and time again. This particular set is from Tiger, which is my favourite shop to go in at the moment, and whilst they were also available in pink, I much preferred the green. They were such a bargain and I’ve already been using them when friends come round for an evening, and I can’t wait to get more use out of them when I move house. I love the little green metal basket they come in as well, as it’s such a cute way to present drinks when we have family or friends round. 

Beach photo frame, New Look

I’ve had this for quite a few months now, having bought it at the beginning of the summer, but I still love it and strangely find it quite calming. The fact that I will be living by the seaside means it will fit in perfectly in my future home, and I find the images of the beach and the sea that came in the frame so relaxing to look at. It’s probably quite a seasonal piece, I don’t think I would have it out on display during the winter, but it’s a perfect decoration for the summer. Although you can take the back off and change the pictures, I think it’s perfect the way it is and I think I’ll be keeping the photos that came with it.

Mosaic heart, Asda

I’m a little obsessed with anything heart shaped, and this mosaic patterned heart was no exception. I can already imagine it hanging on a doorknob or a mirror in a bathroom, with the mosaic style being the perfect look for any bathroom. It’s such a sweet little decoration and, with the added bonus of it being only £2, it’s easy to see why I couldn’t walk away from it without purchasing it.

Bon Appetit Wooden Sign, Sainsburys 

When I bought this plaque, a member of staff actually asked me if it was a bar of chocolate! I can see what they mean, but unfortunately it’s not, which I’m actually quite pleased about as I really love this little sign. I’m probably going to state the obvious here, but I obviously bought it for my future kitchen, and I think it will make a nice addition to whatever my kitchen will look like. It’s quite a traditional style and very homey, but as they say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so I think it’s going to look really lovely hanging on a wall. 

I’ve got quite a few other bits lying around that I’ve bought already, but I may save them for another day, otherwise this post is going to get very long! If you would like to see more of what I’ve brought, then let me know and I will definitely do another post in the near future. 


5 thoughts on “Homeware Haul

    1. It is adorable, the badger one is also really cute, but I couldn’t get a photo as it’s still at my boyfriends! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 x

  1. You sound so much like me right now! Have you actually bought a place or are you just looking? My mr and I are currently looking for a place but ideally saving for a couple more months and buy in the new year. But I am OBSESSED with homeware now!!

    1. I’m just looking at the moment, I’m kind of in the research stages where I’m looking online to get an idea of locations, prices, etc. That sounds like what I’m going to do too! Myself and my boyfriend will most likely start having some viewings in the new year, then look into buying a few months later. I never thought I’d be obsessed with homeware, but it’s just so enjoyable to look at, and buy!!

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