What I love about Autumn

Firstly, my apologies for having not posted anything in three weeks now. I was in Glasgow for a few days for work, then it was my 25th birthday and I had numerous celebrations that resulted in my birthday lasting for almost two weeks, and the time has just flown by.

October is now officially in full swing and autumn seems to be well and truly upon us. The days are getting shorter, it’s getting darker earlier, the leaves are losing their green colour and are instead opting for vibrant reds, browns and oranges, people have uncovered their coats from the back of their wardrobes once again. Whether you like it or not, autumn is here and summer has most definitely come to an end.

Living in the UK, we experience all four seasons, with each being different from the last, and I personally love this. There are different aspects of each season that I enjoy. Although there are some things in life that I can be quite pessimistic about, enjoying each and every season for what it does to nature and how it makes me feel is something that I’m usually positive about. As much as I love summer, and this summer was a particularly wonderful one with lots of fun memories having been made with my friends, family and boyfriend as we’ve enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, autumn is one of my favourite seasons. 

I love getting my autumn/winter clothes out again, rediscovering all of my jumpers, boots, coats, scarves and socks that have been tucked away in random drawers and the basket inside my wardrobe. I much prefer it being cold or chilly and being able to wrap up in lots of layers to warm myself up, as opposed to being sweltering hot, pouring in sweat and feeling like I needed to take off every single item of clothing I was wearing at the time. At the turn of each season, when summer becomes autumn and then winter turns into spring, I do a bit of a wardrobe swap round by putting away all the clothes that I’m unlikely to wear until the next spring/autumn comes round again, and instead getting out clothes that are appropriate for that particular season. I haven’t got round to doing this as of yet, mainly down to the fact that when I’ve got home every night this week I’ve been close to collapse from sheer tiredness, but I’m hoping to get it done at some point next week. Then I will be well and truly ready for the autumn days that lay ahead of us.

I love the effect that autumn has on nature as well. I mentioned a few paragraphs before about the changing colours of the leaves that takes place during this wonderful season, and this is without a doubt one of my favourite things about autumn. I adore the variety of colours you see on every tree that you walk past, and how the mixture of rich colours creates such a beautiful scene for everyone to marvel at. There’s nothing like going for a walk on a sunny, crisp, autumnal day, taking in the fresh air, and admiring the rich and exciting colours that are present in every park, woods and country field.

I love the freshness of the air when autumn comes rolling round again. It feels so calm and refreshing after potentially hot and humid air in the summer, which we’ve had quite a lot of here in the UK back in August and at the beginning of September. It feels like a literal breath of fresh air to feel this change in the atmosphere. Working in London, I can’t even begin to describe how pleasing it is to walk out of my office or go on the tube and not feel like I’m being strangled by ridiculously hot and sticky air. 

Another of my favourite things about this time of year is how early the sun goes down. I’m sure this is a very personal preference, as I know how much a lot of people enjoy the late summer nights we have between June and September. Don’t get me wrong, I also love how in the summer the sun sometimes doesn’t go down until around 10pm at night, but I equally love the early nights that come hand in hand with autumn. Getting home from work at around 7pm most evenings, just as the sun starts to completely disappear for another day, changing into my pyjamas or comfy clothes, getting tucked up in bed, hot chocolate in hand, and a YouTube video or Netflix series to watch is one of my favourite things about this time of the year.

Of course, as with any season in the UK, if we have a rainy day then my spirits aren’t quite as high as they usually are. So far though, and here’s hoping that this continues, we’ve had some lovely sunny and perfect autumnal days since the start of October almost a week ago. Long may they continue!


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