Autumnal Dog Walk at the Park

After going out for a few drinks last night with my friends for one of my best friends 25th birthday, this morning saw myself and my boyfriend needing some fresh air to clear out the cobwebs. It came at the right time, as the family dog was desperate to go for a walk, and in his hyper state was getting under my dad and step-mum’s feet whilst they were sorting out our newly decorated kitchen.

There’s a really lovely little park just 15 minutes from my house, and so off my boyfriend, the dog and I went for a lovely early afternoon autumnal walk. Aside from a few children with their parents playing in the playground, we had the park virtually to ourselves. 

One of my favourite things about this park is just how quiet and secluded it is. Unless you live nearby, you wouldn’t know it was there, which makes it the perfect place to go for a tranquil walk and to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The spectacular colours of the leaves and the soft sunshine of an early Sunday afternoon made it look picturesque as we walked round, the dog following us faithfully and bringing us any stick he could find. 


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