Don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush

One of my pet peeves is when individuals tarnish a whole group of people with the same brush. It bugs me to no end, and it always leaves my blood boiling when people make a sweeping statement about people that belong to a specific group, whether it’s religion, race, fans of a particular type of music, or, in the case that I’m about to write about, gender.

I’m all for equality for men and women, that goes without saying, but what really grinds my gears about some women (emphasis on some, obviously, as I know it’s only a minority who do this), who claim that they believe in equal rights for both men and women, is when they make a negative statement about apparently every man. For example, this could be a long the lines of every man they’ve ever met is a ‘dickhead’, or that every man from where they live is a ‘complete arsehole.’ Whatever the statement, and whatever it’s about, it leaves me feeling pretty cold. 

The truth of the matter is this: of course, not every single man, or woman for that matter, is going to be a nice person. There are a fair share of nasty people in this world, from both genders, and at some point in our lives we are all bound to come across people who we just don’t click with, some who are even unnecessarily horrible to us. That, unfortunately is a part of life. It by no means gives people the right to say that every person is exactly the same as the ones who were horrible to them. For me, this is a really immature opinion to have, and is one that could really hurt and offend a number of people.

The hypocrisy of it all is that some women who make these claims would be the ones to make a fuss and be offended if a man was to speak about women in the same manner. There would be outrage, I’m sure, but yet the same people think it’s okay to say this about the opposite sex. Seeing comments, as I did earlier today on a YouTube video, which claimed the majority of British men were ‘shitty’, make me feel very uncomfortable.

I’ll emphasise once again that obviously not all women do this, and vice versa with men towards women, but for those who do, I would really urge them to think before they speak next time they want to make a sweeping statement like this. Not just with regards to gender either, but for all groups of people. If you wouldn’t like to hear a similar comment about your gender, race, religion, etc., then think before you speak and remember how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. 


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