Homeware Haul Take Two

A few months have passed since I did my first homeware haul, and since then I’ve obtained a few more little bits and pieces in preparation for my future new home. The perfect excuse to do another haul!

Just a quick note, unfortunately I don’t know where everything is from or how much it cost, as a number of items on this list were bought for me as Christmas presents. But, without further ado, here’s my second round-up of things I’ve bought so far for my future home.

Yellow, black and white polka dot vase set, £10, Next

I fell in love with this gorgeous little set of matching vases as soon as I saw them whilst browsing on the Next website. In fact, I had a bit of an epiphany, and the entire colour scheme for my future living room came together perfectly in my head upon seeing these vases. I already can’t wait to base my decorations and accessories for the room around the colour of these vases, with the pair of them in the centre of it all. They’ll be the perfect addition to any room, and I love how they inject a lovely bit of summery colour, without being too in your face! At only £10 as well, they’re a complete bargain and are already one of my favourite things that I’ve bought so far.

Set of four glass drinking jugs 

A Christmas present from my boyfriend, these jugs were literally a dream come true to open. It’s an understatement to say that I’m OBSESSED with these types of glasses, and every time I saw some in a shop or online I could only get excited about the prospect of one day buying a set for my future home. You can imagine my delight when I received these from my boyfriend; needless to say, I was completely over the moon about them. They’re some of the cutest glasses of this kind that I’ve ever come across. They’re perfect for any occasion and for any season; I can already see myself using them in the summer for homemade cocktails or for nice refreshing glasses of lemonade, and when the winter months roll round, they’ll be perfect for mulled ciders and snowballs. I’m already excited about the prospect of having friends and family round and being able to serve them amazing drinks in these equally amazing jugs. Unfortunately I don’t know where these were from, or how much they were, but I’m sure you’ll find many great substitutes if you look hard enough.

Cat parent mugs and matching cat food bowl

This was probably one of my favourite Christmas presents, and it was a joint gift for my boyfriend, my cat and I from my step aunt and step uncle. It goes without saying that I was ecstatic about this set when I opened it, and it’s probably one of the cutest things I now own.

Although neither myself or my boyfriend actually drink any type of hot drink (apart from hot chocolate, obviously), I’m a bit of a sucker for mugs, and I’m sure we’ll find a use for them, even if they are just used as decoration. The food bowl, though, which I think is one of the biggest food bowls I’ve ever seen for a cat, will most definitely be used. I have a funny feeling that my cat, Bubbles, will be extremely pleased with the increase in bowl size. I would just like to say, though, that the bigger bowl won’t mean her food intake will double, which I’m sure she’ll be hoping for when she first sees it…

Again, as these were also a present I’m not sure of where they were ordered from or how much they cost, but I’m sure it’s nothing that a session of hardcore internet digging can’t solve.

Cat shaped jewellery holder, Avon

In keeping with the feline and festive theme, this adorable cat shaped jewellery holder was another Christmas present and it is one of the cutest and most useful items I now own. As you can see from the photo, I haven’t put all my jewellery on it just yet (although I think I have so much that there probably won’t be enough room for everything!) but I love how useful it is. I will admit, I’m one of the biggest offenders for owning lots of jewellery, but having lots of it stashed away in various jewellery boxes that I rarely ever look in. At least having some of my pieces hanging for all the world to see on my new jewellery holder will encourage me to branch out in what I wear, rather than my usual pieces! 

Light Box, £9.99, New Look

These seem to be anywhere and everywhere recently, and I have to say that whilst I’m not usually one to follow a trend, I can’t help but love light boxes. I bought mine quite a few months ago now, and it’s taken pride of place on my chest of drawers ever since. Whilst at the moment it says the inventive ‘Emily Room’ (there wasn’t quite enough room for the s!), I’m looking forward to using this in my new home to send little messages to any visitors who might be staying. I have an idea to put it in the spare room, that way I can personalise it with messages for whoever might be staying. I’m hoping it will give the room a really nice touch, and that people will enjoy seeing the messages I leave for them. 

This particular light box was only £9.99 from New Look, and although I’ve had it for a few months, I think they still have them in stock. It’s probably one of the cheapest versions I’ve seen available, so it’s definitely worth having a look in New Look if you’ve thought about getting one.

Handmade glass heart, £10, South Downs Nurseries near Hassocks

This is another purchase I made in the lead up to Christmas, and I love how unique and pretty this handmade glass heart is. Out of all the ones that were on show, this one really caught my eye. I love the colour scheme, the pattern, as well as the fact that it has been sculpted and blown by hand, which for me made it all the more special. I’m not too sure whereabouts I’ll put it yet, it’s one of those pieces that could go anywhere in the house and would look good, though I am slightly leaning towards hanging it in my future bathroom. I’m pretty sure you can get these in a number of shops, but I bought my one from a garden centre just outside of Brighton, which at £10 was a real bargain. 

Cat cushion, £5, IKEA

For some reason I didn’t include this in my first homeware haul, so I thought I better add it to this one! Being a cat lover (some would say crazy cat lady, and they’re probably not wrong), upon seeing this adorable cushion during a trip to IKEA last summer, I fell in love and couldn’t not walk out the shop without buying it. It’s been pride of place on my bed ever since, and as well as being super cute it’s also super comfortable. At only £5, it was an absolute bargain and really goes to show that IKEA have a lot of brilliant things tucked away amongst their maze like shops. Although I’ve been enjoying having this cushion on my bed for a good while now, I can’t wait to put it on my new bed in my new home, which will undoubtedly be covered in various cushions that have grabbed my attention. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my second homeware haul post and that you’ve been interested to see what new bits and pieces I’ve added to my future home collection. Keep your eyes peeled, as I have a feeling another homeware haul post will be coming very soon. This has nothing to do with the fact I’ve just had a bit of a splurge in the home section on the Next website, obviously…


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